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Signatures Needed:

Signatures Due:


June 7, 2019



  • [02.02.020]

    Must be a legal resident of the City of Spokane to file the proposed ballot measure.

  • [02.02.030] [B]

    Proposed measure submitted to City Clerk.

  • [02.02.030] [C]

    The City Clerk immediately transmits to the City Attorney.

  • [02.02.030] [D]

    Within two weeks, the City Attorney prepares the Ballot Title, Ballot Summary,

  • [02.02.030] [G]

    The City Attorney edits the measure for form, style, and to eliminate ambiguity. The measure is then transmitted back to the City Clerk.

  • [02.02.030] [H]

    The City Clerk attaches the initiative number to the measure and prepares a report for the next City Council Agenda.

  • [02.02.040] [A]

    If the measure is an ordinance, the City Council may choose to pass the proposal as drafted, reject and propose an alternative, send to the voters directly (without requiring a petition), or

  • [02.02.040] [B]

    send to the hearing examiner for a legal review and requiring collection of signatures. A Charter Amendment cannot be passed directly by the Council.

  • [02.02.040] [C]

    Within 7 days, the Sponsor shall notify the City Clerk with the decision of whether to proceed based on the outcome of the Hearing Examiner's report.

  • [02.02.055] [A]

    Signed petitions shall be submitted in one batch within 365 days from the date the sponsor issues a written decision to proceed with the petitioning and

  • [02.02.070] [A]

    must be submitted no more than 150 days from the date of the general (or special) election in which the measure is to be placed.

  • [02.02.080] [A]

    Assuming, a valid number of signatures is submitted to the City Clerk, the measure is then scheduled for a first reading by the City Council.

  • [02.02.080] [B] [2]

    The City Council may request to have the signatures validated by the County Auditor.

  • [02.02.100] [A]

    Once validated, the measure is then scheduled for a second and final reading by the City Council, at which point the Council shall pass a resolution placing the measure on the ballot.

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